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We provide the best services in providing the students placements for Medical Studies, Pharmacy & Piloting Engineering in India, Russia, Indonesia & other countries

Consultancy Services

Our doctors will consult you on what’s best through their own experience who were once students like everybody else.

Career Assurance

Upon graduation, students are ensured of their career with our strong connects.

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Our listed universities are always there for you especially for foreign students. So no more worries studying and living abroad.


Medical - Dentistry & Pharmacy

Doctor is arguably the noblest profession as they are responsible in saving lives of humans. Studying medicine offers a diverse career opportunity globally. There are affordable medical degree program in reputable universities



Aircraft and Aeronautical engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It is one of the most demanded profession around the globe.

Post Graduate

Post Graduation

Graduation is just the first step towards success. Post-Graduation is something which every student in the globe is aspiring for. There are so many reputable universities waiting for bright students like you to make them pursue their dreams.

Popular universities

Director with Ambassador to Malaysia in Moscow - 2015

About Us

Euroasia Exim is a premier student placement agency into reputable Russian medical universities. With our vast experience in helping countless students obtain quality medical education in Russia, we have an intimate understanding of the various challenges and procedures involved and or committed to provide students with the best education experience possible. Through our services, you can be rest assured that your decision to studying in Russia will be a rewarding and memorable experience as we will guide you through this meaningful journey until graduation and make your transition into this unique country as easy and seamless as it can possibly be.

Our Universities Are Widely Recognised In Malaysia Especially By:

Why study Medicine in Russia?

  • Excellent academic standards with proven high quality of education.
  • Russian medical degrees or globally acknowledged with recognition from WHO and UNESCO.
  • Highly qualified and experienced academic staff/lecturers.
  • Affordable tuition fees and cost of living.
  • Simple and fast application and admission process.
  • Opportunity to obtain excellent clinical practise experience at well-equipped and established hospitals.
  • Multicultural and student centred environment.
  • Students don’t need TOEFL/IELTS scores to study in medicine in Russia.
  • English medium of study.
  • Numerous Malaysian students sure that you don’t feel out of place.
  • Students benefits such as discounts for travel on public transport, visiting museums, libraries, theatres, concert halls, parks and other public entertainment facilities.
  • Vibrant culture and student life.


We provide fully furnished apartments to ensure that your stay in Russia is comfortable and conductive for your studies.

Library & Facilities

Gate access to a world class repository of medical knowledge through libraries which possess a wide range of medical books and materials.Universities also have high quality laboratories and equipments which will assist you in becoming an exceptional medical graduate.

Sports & Recreation

Take part in various sports and recreational activities the will keep you active and healthy during your free time. With easy access to excellent sports facilities, students can lead a well-balanced lifestyle while studying in Russia.

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